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Faraday Pouch

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In anticipation of my Artura, and taking into account others’ idea of a Faraday-pouch for keys, I got these.

Orange pouches for keys, and got some iron-on patches. All in all like $25 in.


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Do you not get relay thefts over there across the pond? In the UK it's a big problem with keyless entry systems. The scrotes use a scanner to detect the radio signal from the key (that has been left in the house) then amplify/relay it to the car to get into it. That's what Faraday pouches are used for over here.
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Car theft is generally much lower here, although there are places where it's a problem. They leave your car alone, but they might shoot you instead.
At least I can insure against theft! :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
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