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Comfortable, stylish, and now much quicker: we've unleashed the hidden rage from within the Range Rover Sport. The supercharged 5.0L V8 is free to bark aggressively when your right foot calls upon it and we dialed in max gains of 32whp and 34 ft/lbs of torque for an even harder bite.

SOUND: Add authority with the Sport Cat Downpipes, which unlock a rumble from the 5.0L that was missing from the factory. When you accelerate with vigor, the high flowing HJS HD catalysts allow more volume and a sharper exhaust note through. There is no droning inside the cabin and volume during off throttle cruising is very mild.

Click here to watch our Range Rover Sport SC Sport Cat Downpipes & ECU Sport Tune in action.

POWER: The dyno chart below is a comparison between a supercharged Range Rover Sport that was completely stock, followed by the addition of our Sport Cat Downpipes, then our tuner set to work on our Fabspeed ECU Sport Tune. All testing was done on our in-house Dynojet.

Our Sport Cat Downpipes produced a maximum gain of 7 whp and 7 ft-lbs of torque at 5,000 RPMs to match the extra growl.

On top of the gains made with our Sport Cat Downpipes, we extracted an additional 26whp and 27ft-lbs of torque with our ECU Sport Tune. Driveability is enhanced greatly: throttle response is sharp and you'll surely appreciate the enhanced grunt throughout the entire powerband. Simply send us your ECU (the removal process is very easy) and we'll return it promptly equipped with your tune. Our Sport tune is optimized for the Sport Cat Downpipes and the increased efficiency they offer, but our tuner is capable of extracting power from a stock vehicle as well.

CONSTRUCTION: Each set of Sport Cat Downpipes is precision-machined using our state-of-the art Unison CNC electric mandrel bender, Haas CNC machines, and hand TIG-welded by our passionate and experienced fabricators. As always, we invite you to come by our shop and showroom for a full tour where you can see our exhaust systems being fabricated first-hand.

We're ready to start fabricating your Sport Cat Downpipes with a current lead time of under two weeks! Our tuner is also standing by to receive your ECU for flashing. You can see full information and pricing on all our Range Rover Sport Supercharged offerings here or message me at any time for discounted forum member pricing and insider info.
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