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We've had the ultimate pleasure of an extended development term with the mighty GT4. Many on the team here agree, this is the perfect drivers’ car. It's utterly brilliant as is... but we'd like to refine it even further.

We set our engineers and tuner on the GT4 immediately and have tested many combinations of exhaust components. Our first course: catless Race Headers and HJS HD 200-cell high flow catalyst equipped Sport Headers. Unlock significant power and aggressive sound with Fabspeed Motorsport.

POWER- Real wheel gains from our Dynojet

RACE HEADERS: Power, power everywhere. Our precision-engineered Race Headers add up to 18 horsepower at the wheels and 15 ft/lbs of torque at 6300 RPM, increasing the already impressive performance of the Porsche GT4. Down low they give you a kick in the pants, adding 27 whp and 38 ft/lbs of torque at 3700 RPM to really help you claw out of the corners with reckless abandon. Significant gains are found throughout the entire powerband, especially at higher RPM which makes these perfect for track use. 911 owners: You’ve just been put on notice!

SPORT HEADERS: The HJS HD 200-cell catalysts get the (emissions) job done while still unlocking impressive gains. Overall gains are not as abundant as the Race Header but you'll really notice the great increase in low-end pull from the added 39 ft/lbs of torque at 3600 RPM!

SOUND: You hear the GT4 coming and you know something unique is upon you. The Race Headers accentuate the rawness of the 3.8L engine and broadcast it aggressively. Driving around with valves open will elicit head turns, neck snaps, and smiles from anyone with a soul in a quarter mile radius; the car emanates a race car presence inside and out. You can't help but smile with every autoblip downshift as the car lets out its war cry. Overall cabin volume is louder, yet droning is not unbearably harsh with valves open given the race-like nature of this performance product. Close the valves, and you could drive every day.

The Sport Headers, due to the catalysts, offer a slightly smoother sound with a moderate volume increase over stock. It's a perfect upgrade with no compromises.

As you'll hear, the GT4 sounds incredible equipped with both Fabspeed Race and Sport Headers.

FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | GT4 Race Headers - YouTube FABSPEED MOTORSPORT | GT4 Sport Headers - YouTube

CHECK ENGINE LIGHTS: In over 200 miles of testing, our development vehicle did NOT trigger a CEL, even with the catless Race Headers.

WEIGHT: Shed 6lbs with Sport Headers and 10lbs with Race Headers.

CONSTRUCTION: Each header is precision-machined using our state-of-the art Unison CNC electric mandrel bender, Haas CNC machines, and hand TIG-welded by our passionate and experienced fabricators. As always, we invite you to come by our shop and showroom for a full tour where you can see our exhaust systems being fabricated first-hand.

Our headers are currently in-stock and ready to ship. More GT4 products are also in the pipeline, so stay tuned. You can see full information and pricing on all our GT4 offerings here or message me at any time for discounted forum member pricing and insider info.​
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