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FABSPEED MOTORSPORT is one of the largest BMC distributors in the US. We carry an enormous inventory of filters and have access to any filter you may need! Hands down this is the best option for an OEM replacement filter!

We get lots of questions about BMC filters, so we wanted to take a quick moment to give some background on the product.

-OEM paper filters present an elevated resistance to the passage of air and consequently a reduction in engine performance. Compared to a paper filter the BMC air filter permits a notably higher air flow passage.

-Thanks to the combination of the different oiled layers, containment of all impurities is guaranteed as far as 7 microns, while paper filters generally require total filtration of particles as small as 10 microns.

-BMC air filters let more air into the engine while still protecting it better than paper ones.

-Traditional paper filters must be replaced regularly during routine maintenance whilst the BMC air filter is reusable and has a general life-span equal to that of the vehicle.

-BMC operates in a number of areas: automotive, racing, aerospace, nautical and industrial, according to the specific regulations and requirements of each and every one of this sectors.

-The technical solutions used by BMC are derived from the results of a continuous and intense programme of laboratory tests. BMC carries out filtration tests in reference to the international standards for filtering (ISO 5011).

-BMC air filters are made of cotton, a natural material which can be reused several times after been washed with a special detergent and re-soaked in oil, thus saving the cost of changing it every time the vehicle is serviced and reducing wastes for the environment.

-BMC Air Filters are by far the most successful filters in every sports category, since they equipped the champions of:
Formula 1 (9 titles)
American Le Mans (10 titles)
Le Mans 24Hours (11 titles)
DTM (9 titles)
Superbike (2 titles)
AMA Superbike (1 Title)
Suzuka 8Hours (1 title)
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