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This is so sad:

McLaren F1 Fire – the update
June 2009
Last week we reported, with a tear in our eye, the sad demise of a McLaren F1 in a fire in Santa Rosa, California. The car was driven by its owner – Irv Kessler – for the first time in six months when passing motorists started to notice smoke coming from the F1. By the time Irv had got out of the F1 it was in flames, and the fire was eventually put out by the Santa Rosa Fire Department.

But what is going to happen to the sad and sorry McLaren F1? Well, we noted that the local Fire Chief had said the car was worth $2 million but was insured for $3 million. Actually, depending on its mileage and condition, it probably is worth nearer to $3 million than $2 million. But the good news is that with that sort of valuation repairs are probably worth the cost – whatever the cost.

So the burnt-out McLaren F1 is currently on its way back to McLaren’s HQ in Woking for a proper estimates of just how bad the damage is. McLaren seems to be saying the car has a 50/50 chance of being rebuilt economically. Sounds a bit like most garages we know when you take in a car for repair after a prang. It always starts with a sharp intake of breath, and the inevitable words “It’s actually a lot worse than it looks, sir”.

But even if it costs $1 million, it will still be a viable repair. And I’m sure McLaren won’t turn down the chance of a quick earner. Plus, with only 64 road going F1s ever built, we can’t afford to lose any from that number.

Has it been rebuilt in Woking?
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