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12-22-18, Exotic Car Gear ... Renewed

To date I have not been as active as I would like on the MCL boards. On the personal front it has been an arduous year. On the ECG side, internal issues have allowed me to retain full ownership of the company. We have spent the prior portion of the year restructuring,expanding product production and working to re-establish our market.

We started ECG 7 years ago with the with a drive to be a quality supplier in the exotic car community. Comments have been made by others from time to time that myself or ECG has no experience in the industry. Personally I have been in the automotive service industry over 25 years. Ahead of and during my automotive management career my spare time has been spent amongst friends with similar interest in vehicle modification working on various projects.

As we move forward my focus as Principal of ECG is to focus on the relationships between our clients and outlets. We will be rolling over several new items for the 570, 12C, 650, and 720 series McLarens as well as several other makes. I have always made myself available to deal with MCL members directly. I strive to provide the best servicing possible as a sponsor and McLaren Life community member.

Please feel free to contact me personally with ANY questions, concerns or ideas.


David Schamerhorn
President & CEO, Exotic Car Gear & Affiliates.
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