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Gone are the days of the mirror chromed tag plate frame on a Super Car whose backbone is pure Carbon Fiber.!!!

One of the services we offer as a promotional item to our vendors is Custom Carbon Fiber License plate frames. These are a pure Carbon Fiber frame with the logo/image suspended in the clear resin and not a simple decal adhered to the face like many others. We have a collection of plates available as aspecial purchase for McLaren Life members.

Attached are a few examples of the options listed below. Please contact us directly if you have interest in having promotional plates made for your business as we can offer a lower MOQ than any other supplier. These are a standard US plate frame 6” X 12” configuration. If we have enough interest fora euro version with an agreed image we can put that into production as well. One off custom items are also an option but not included in the group buy.

· McLaren, White with RedSwoop
· Ferrari, White text,opposing Cavallinos
· Ferrari, Red text, opposingCavallinos ( limited number available )
· Lamborghini, White text,opposing logos
· Porsche, White text, opposinglogos
· Porsche , White text,retro look
· Mercedes, White text, opposinglogos
· Audi, White text, opposinglogos
· VW, White test, opposinglogos
· Harley Davidson, Orange text
· Corvette, White text,color opposing logos
· BWM, white text,opposing color logos
· Maserati, White text, opposinglogos.

The Group Buy price is $59.00 with free shipping within the US. We will also ship internationally please contact us for a shipping quote. This pricing will be valid until 12/1/2013.

David & Glenn
[email protected], 877-888-1600 or 610 788 2123 or PM


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