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EVO ecoty vid

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Well, at least they are starting to understand what the car is all about. But, "Metcalfe-spec paddles"? That better be a dig at the old man, because I'm reaching for my barf bag, right now.

p.s. I have no qualms with them picking the RS 4.0 first, even if Harris owns one. By their criteria, I would probably pick it first, too. The newfound over-the-top exuberance for the 12C, however, presumably to hype up the eCoty issue, is somewhat boring. C'mon Chris, before you said it didn't move you emotionally, now you say if you don't find this car exciting you don't have a heart? yada yada yada
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They clearly said that the RS 4.0 was never NOT going to be the coty. Odd since the RS 3.8 took the win last year. Clearly there is a bias toward the carrera platform and the raw drivers car, which I can't blame them for except that we are not looking for race cars.
Bah. It has become such a bloody soap opera with these UK journos. I'm quite turned off, actually. I started to go to the specialty magazine stores a couple years ago, specifically to find the UK rags, because I found the writing more colourful and wanted to read some different perspectives. The U.S. mags have pretty bland prose and often they feature the exact same cars every month and even now use syndicated articles. Plus, there was the whole Chevy Volt COTY conspiracy and that was a huge turn-off.

But, it seems the UK stuff is no different. Too many guys thinking they are celebrities, maybe, I don't know. I see Tiff just panned the Aventador in a piece that looks it came out of the reject bin of Top Gear's production room. Sad that everybody in the industry seems to think being a Clarkson mini-Me is the only way to get viewership/readership.

Where is the consistency? Frankly, I don't care how much praise EVO heaps on the 12C, now. They're acting like a tabloid, building up, tearing down, building up again, just to keep the story going. Lame, and they can lick me where I'm salty for that.
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Love 6thE's new signature. Killer dialogue.
I know, it's a riot, eh? Whoever those two dudes are, they should keep making skits. I thought I was watching an excerpt from Harold & Kumar, or something.
It does show that McLaren is getting a bit smarter on the PR front and starting to build better relationships.
+1 it was nothing more than a PR move.
curiously, "not a 458"... why is he still mentioning that? it should be a non event... why does that still come up... Odd...
It will be like that for as long as it still sells copies. The media won't stop the references until they milk it dry. But, both cars will eventually be appreciated in their own right. Same as with the F40 and Porsche 959. The comparisons were endless for a few years. Now, the thought of one does not automatically conjure the image of the other.

Remarkable how powerful it is, the McLaren vs. Ferrari phenomenon. You have to think that Lambo and perhaps even Merc (SLS AMG) and Aston must feel slighted about being left out of all the publicity. Not to mention the boutique guys like Noble, Koenigsegegesgeggggegggg...., etc.
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