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European headlamp switchover

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so my first question to the knowledge that is here :)

So with planned trips later this year to the Ardenne and Monaco next year, I just wondered what we need to do to adjust our headlamps to drive in Europe?
Is it the sticker(on a platic headlamp :confused: )
or even a dealer visit??

cheers in advance
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I did 3000 mile down to Italy thru' the usual places and , irresponsibly, did not use a cover.

However the car attracts attention but nobody mentioned the lights. Even stopped by the French Police but they just wanted to see and talk Mclaren!

Did get a couple of 'flashes' in tunnel's.....
What's the deal with the headlamps, out of curiosity?
the beam pattern is different on LHD & RHD. It's to light the sideof the road, street signs and such, better. So the beam is higher on passenger side.
when you drive on the "other" side of the road, the beam is pointed towards oncoming traffic, blinding the drivers.
On my previous Porsche it was a headlamp out and flick of a switch- no more than 5 minutes.

I know a few owners that don't bother to change the pattern but the less interest I create the easier it may be- I might not meet the same petrolhead Les fliks as you did :(

I'll speak to the dealer and ask the question, it's not until November for my first Euro adventure in the new motor.
Yes, the Porsche system was/is neat. MPC clean forgot about h/light adjustment. Yes, Ron and his helpers are fallible!
I bet something will come out shortly after he hears about that...
To follow this up, I asked the question to the service team and the answer was that nothing needs to be done!
They said the the pattern didn't kick up as far as normal, so would be fine to use without anything extra done.
The UK MOT requires that pattern, so no idea how that works:confused:, so I'll put it against a wall and just blank off the kick up part of the beam. I see no reason to attract unwanted attention and give them a reason to pull you over in France- because they do love a UK reg plate :rolleyes:

There is to patterns I know of, the angled and the Z (I just made those names, I don't know if they have other names:confused:)
I think McLaren uses the Z, so it should be safer than the other to use on the wrong side of the road... Make sure they're well aligned and have a safe trip!
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