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McLaren were very confident (just like all of the other pre-launch hype) that they would be able to control residuals on the 12C.

Given the potential expected income stream, 1000 cars at year one with close to £200K average price, that’s £200m of revenue, do you think that that if pushed (and yes we should be pushing them) they will offer guarantees on resale, just like Daewoo did (albeit on a different level) to try and launch a whole new company and concept.

It would buy them time, ensure a good order book for a year or two and time to sort out all of our perceived woes, based on the initial press reaction.

Given the hundreds of millions already poured into the project, do they have any other viable options?

Or is this just my wishful thinking and that my 12C will still be worth £100K in 3 years time?
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100k in 3 yrs time? That would be a disaster..
worst than the R8... the SLS also has big hits. Only car with good residuals is 458 over here in Asia.

No history on McLaren but the only worry I have now is residual. No history. I will skip the 458 altogether as my deposit is already down for replacement of 458 but McLaren my deposit sits but I doubt they will offer any guarantee... it is a big risk for them. However, I do agree that it will definitely keep the order book tidier... I suspect many already falling off.
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