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Driven,inside the MTC/MPC

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at 9.28 I thought i saw a spyder,but ive now convinced myself its the glass of the monsoon house tricking my eye!!
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The white one on the left? I see what you mean. See the attached pictures - I think it is a shelf or some design on the glass.


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Looks like a sliding door to me (notice how the molding at the bottom of the glass walls stops)
If you look at the white car behind it, there seems to be a deviation in the deck angle as it approaches the roof. In some ways it looks a bit like an R8 spyder lid but I have a feeling that it's an anomaly created by the glass of the office area in front of the shot. The front of the car appears to be slightly shifted towards the camera which may be creating the break that seems to exist between the top of the wind shield and the rest of the car. Alas, all of us eager to see an actual spyder probably have to be patient.
Even though Drive produced this video the inspiration that is McLaren, embodied in winning, comes shinging through.
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