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Does anyone know what color this is?

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I'm shopping for my first McLaren, a 570S and came across this car -- does anyone know what color it is. Is this blade silver or storm gray or something else?

Id greatly appreciate it!

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+1 for Storm Grey. Blade is a lighter silver with slight bronze flake in certain lighting:
Thank you guys! I appreciate that. Which color is more generally desired in the McLaren community do you think?
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Ill plastidip it that color just for you.
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Pick the color YOU want, not the color the community wants. Color is extremely subjective. Some want black and nothing else, while others want the most vibrant, unique color they can get.
My first one was volcano orange, my current one is storm gray. I love both for different reasons. +1 for xPhantom, get what makes you happy. You're buying the car for YOUR enjoyment, not some rando's on the internet, no matter how cool we are.
Very true! I do like the storm gray, will be moving on it. Hopefully all goes smoothly!
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