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I have a '19 spider that needed accumulators (at 2500 miles) covered under original factory warranty. I've not had any windshield issues. Any car without complete documentation is a car that I won't consider purchasing.
I had a similar experience. I bought my car at 1,200 miles from a dealer. I wanted to see the service records not for maintenance but for what had been repaired.

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I’m starting to shop for a 720s and looking at carfax it seems most owners are not servicing their cars! I would say ~80% of cars available for sale have major gaps in service records per carfax (for example one oil change in 3 years!). Why would someone buy a $350-400k car and not service it? Also about 1/3 of cars have windshields replaced. Is there any explanation such as McLaren dealers not reporting Services to carfax? Thanks for any insights.
Carfax has never reported any of my services on either of my 720s cars. It still thinks I have the previous one I’ve owned and not the newer one.
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To check maintenance history go to a mclaren dealer
Pretty simple
Will your cars maintenance history show up at a McLaren dealer?
Yes, I’m sure you are right. Typically the seller can get them and pass them along. I would imagine a selling dealer will not have a problem with providing records to sell the car as it’s in their best interest
On the contrary. I've found it VERY difficult to get a dealer to hand over service history when doing a PPI. They say it's for customer privacy, I say redact it, they still won't do it. I've only had 3 McLaren dealers that simply made it happen.
Just for curiosity, how much does it cost to replace a windshield on a 720s?
Price will vary depending on how much the dealer marks it up, who does the labor, and if that labor was done by a contractor where they also mark up their labor. Plan on at least $5k.
I believe in the vicinity of $10 to $12K …. not cheap!!!
Those are people getting ripped off. Even Senna glass (which is the same as 720, just a tad thinner) isn't that much when I inquired.
So would it be reasonable to plan to replace windshield, gorilla glass, and accumulators in the first 2 years of ownership or would it be really bad luck? (Assuming a 2019 car). Just want to make sure I understand the math before jumping in. Thanks.
I just bought a 2018 in November and I'm not planning on having to do a windshield, or gorilla glass, but I did do accumulators already.
I'm curious....Does the 720 use the same glass as the 650? Is the 650 glass more durable or the same as 720? If more durable - why?
They aren't the same, neither is more durable than the other. LT and Ultimate series glass is thinner on all platforms, those are easier to break. There was a period of time in 2019 where the glass manufacturer had an issue which has since been resolved. But, a lot of cars (particularly 600LT's) got that glass and it broke very easily.
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