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DIYs: McLaren Do It Yourself Thread

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    Well as we learn more and more (and as suggested by @carbon Need help ASAP. Battery too low/dead, can't open door or hood!), I figured we could start a Do It Yourself (DIY) thread where people can post their DIY achievements. Hopefully, we can compile our collective accomplishments in an easier-to-find spot. For those looking for 3rd party service options, you can check out this thread: McLaren 3rd party service options.

    I figure what I can do is compile links to different parts of this and other threads for different projects, a bit like our FAQs: Common McLaren Questions, Problems & Fixes thread, and so this first post can act a bit like a table of contents for other things in the thread. All suggestions are welcome.
  2. Airbrake
    Airbrake causes transmission problem: Airbrake Problems
  3. Battery
    A DIY Battery repair: DIY - A123 Systems Lithium-Ion Battery repair?

    DIY battery reset procedure:
  4. Brakes
    Brake pads: Changing out brake pads and Changing brake pads and Removing handbrake pads
    Parking brake: Parking brake turns back on after turning it off. Anyone have this issue?
  5. Bumper
  6. Conversions
    12C to 650 conversions:
  7. Doors
    Soft Close Doors:
  8. Electronics
    Electrical Weirdness and Warning Lights
  9. USB/AUX Port
  10. Engine
    Cylinder firing order:
    Ignition Coil Failure:
    Random CEL Check Engine Light/OBDII code for "Cylinder Misfire"
  11. Exhaust
    Down Pipe's Install:
  12. Filters
    Air Filter:
  13. Headlights (12C)
    The $50 Easy-Bake-Oven fix for cloudy/foggy/moldy headlights found here: and a video here:
    Video of headlight removal:
  14. Hood Release (12C)
    Manual Hood Release (e.g., to access for dead battery):
  15. Hoses and Clamps
    Heater hose and clamp replacement:
  16. HVAC LCD Panels (12C/650)
    A DIY OLED replacement walk through found here:
  17. Intake Sound Generator (ISG)
    A DIY removal/block off for the ISG: and
  18. IRIS/Infotainment
    Upgrading Infotainment:, 2013 - Audio Upgrade/Stealth Install, IRIS - instructions on how to remove it?

    IRIS Sideloading Apps

    A user that we haven't seen in a long time by the name of FTYL rooted/jailbroke/sideloaded apps IRIS. You can find comments of his exploits here (need to have an "Owner" badge to view these first 3 links in Owners Lounge):
    Sideloaded Apps on IRIS and (envy-causing) screenshots here:
    And basic info about IRIS/android versions here:

    Some information about IRIS screen hardware versions is here:
    and here:
  19. Oil Change
    A DIY Oil change posts: and
  20. Panels
    How to remove the panel that is between the engine class cover and the rear spoiler:
  21. Parts
    1. Thread on cheap and interchangeable parts for P11 series (12C, 625C, 650S, 675):–-interchangable-parts-guide-diy-fix-it-yourself.100082/
  22. Rattles, Squeeks, Buzz
    For the Dash:
  23. Radiators
    Front duct cleaning:
  24. Seats
  25. Sensors
    Pass Occupancy Sensor replacement:
  26. Skid Plates
    Attachment with 3M and no drilling:
  27. Transmission
    A $1 fix for some transmission problems here:
  28. Windows
    How to resolve/reset over sensitive window pressure sensor setting when window auto-lowers/won't stay up:
  29. Errata
    McLaren Font Logo Graphic Details:
    McLaren Technical Portal (~$35/hr):


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Zombie! I had the same idea last week and below is what I have compiled "so far".... As always I'm on step behind the genius's... Please add/ update this as you best see fit...

To work on a 2012 -2017 Mclaren P11 Super Series vehicle you really need an OEM McLaren SERVICE MANUAL.
So START HERE FIRST and download it for FREE!

Read the entire thread (2 pages) and have a great laugh! I promise you won't regret it!!! Then download the priceless gift of the OEM McLaren SERVICE MANUAL Valentin gave all of us for now and into the future. And be sure to click the "Like" button for Valentin on Post #19!!!!

DIY - 12C Moldy Headlight Fix for less than 50.00


DIY - A123 Systems Lithium-Ion Battery repair?

Dash Rattle/Buzz/Noises

Rough Idle

The dreaded Transmission Leak - Resolved
  • see post #74 - Kudo's to TonyC817 for being the pioneer!
  • see post #107 - Pictures of the problem, the repair procedure, the completed repair
  • see post 108 - Full write up of the issue and how to fix it permanently by yourself for just a few dollars.

HVAC displays

Battery - Reset procedure

Soft Close Doors
Soft Close Doors (retro-fit) are here !!
12C Soft close door retrofit

Here is how you get to the manual hood release:

window auto-lowers / won't stay up. how to resolve/reset over sensitive window pressure sensor setting.

How to remove the panel that is between the engine class cover and the rear spoiler

Down Pipe's Install
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Awesome @ima2nr! I’ll add them in!
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Just a friendly bump so people know this exists (and has been updated sticky).

DIY Oil Change

GOOD TO KNOW... McLaren Logo Font details...

The McLaren corporate font is called Serene MTC, it's a proprietary modified version of Serene. Then you can find a vector image of the "Mclaren" logo online (Use Serene Light MTC)

Front radiator ducts

DIY: Gain 0.53 seconds 60-130MPH with new AIR FILTERS...

ISG Delete

DIY replacement - Pass Occupancy Sensor

mysterious warning lights/ electrical connection issue?

Parking Brake

low battery

Brake Pads

No solution, but interesting...

Transmission Software Flash?

12c to 650 conversion
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Hi ima2nr, many of those are already in there.

Moving forward, for everyone, would appreciate you posting up just new ones that aren't already in the first post below:

Makes it a lot less tedious to integrate. Nonetheless, thanks for all the added links, super helpful, thanks!
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This is probably the best thread on the forum! Thanks Zombie!
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Awesome to see this come together. Agree this is the most valuable thread in the forum.
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Do you have a Random CEL Check Engine Light? Solid on.. or maybe Flashing?

It is most likely a common OBDII code for "Cylinder Misfire" and here is how to diagnosis it and fix yourself without a trip to the dealer... thanks to our newest forum member @Texan
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any DIY instructions on changing seat belt? thinking swapping the black for a color one that matches rest of the car. Thx
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Let's add more DIY's to this thread... any P11 owner can help us build this database of how-to's... who's gonna post the next new DIY?

Its been almost a year since we've added any new content to this DIY thread! With all the new owners lately it seems somebody has something new to contribute? :)
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I changed the rear CCB pads on my friends 570S coupe last week (including bypassing the wear sensors since Pagids don’t have a wear sensor), but we were pressed for time so I didn’t take pics or document it. Really easy tho. I’ll try to document the process when I do mine.

If anyone has any questions about it in the meantime I can definitely answer them tho.


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Its been almost a year since we've added any new content to this DIY thread! With all the new owners lately it seems somebody has something new to contribute? :)
If you guys think of any posts that I've missed or are relatively recent, just give a pointer and I'll add it in!
If you guys think of any posts that I've missed or are relatively recent, just give a pointer and I'll add it in!
I think I added a skidplate install with 3M instead of rivets with some pictures back in November or so
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