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A while back, I did a complete do-it-yourself brake overhaul on my 2012 MP4-12C. I had intended to post this info a while ago, but life got in the way. Oh well, better late than never. I wrote it up in a blog post and I'm sharing it here for anyone who cares. Here's the most important couple paragraphs of my write-up:

Taking off a wheel when I got home, I could see that the OEM brake rotors were more than a bit worn. More importantly, I could see that the pads had been wearing very unevenly... the top of the pad was thicker than the bottom, which meant the brake calipers were exerting uneven pressure. At least one of the caliper pistons was stuck or hindered. It was time for a complete brake overhaul. I called the dealership: estimate was $18,000. Holy cow. New brake calipers, new rotors, new pads, full system flush. I decided I could do it myself for well under $4000. The brake calipers were the most expensive part, so I contacted the manufacturer of the OEM calipers (AP Racing), and they said they could rebuild the calipers to factory spec for $160 each. I found that Girodisc makes rotors for the 12C for about $700 per wheel. Plus pads for a reasonable price. Yup, I could do it all myself for under $4K.

The MP4-12C brakes are pretty easy to work on. First step is to make sure you have turned OFF the electronic parking brake so that when you work on the rears, they won't be in park mode (more on this later). The parking brake automatically engages when you turn off the car. You have to go through steps so that the brake does not come on when you turn off the car. This is key, or you will will not be able to remove the rear rotors (unless you do what I did, which is to hack into the parking brake with a battery and a couple wire leads later.... not easy).

Check out the whole thing on my blog at:

McLaren MP4-12C: DIY brake system overhaul

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