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Delay on Delivery Expectation

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I registered my interest in September 2009 and placed my deposit as per McL request in Nov 2010 and was told Sept 2011 delivery.

Delivery is now out to Dec 2011

What are other buyers experience?

Not bitching just itching! Wonder if the Premiership and Beckinesters are getting in ahead of ordinary Joe? Ferrari keep knocking at my door but.........

See that a Volcano Red is on the latest GT promo Vidio on Utube.
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I’ve been reliably informed that they delay in the delivery of the first customer cars will likely to be eight weeks, but even McLaren can’t be sure at this stage.

A lot of late night candle burning is going on right now due to being let down by one of it’s suppliers that just couldn’t deliver the technology.

Given the immensity of the project, new car, new production facility, new dealership network, etc., they have done well to get this far.

McLaren must be mightily disappointed that such a relatively small component is holding up the whole show.
can you elaborate.......what component:confused:
Wonder if the Turbos or other key components come from Japan?
good pt........turbos are Mitsu;)
You’re right AndyC, for some reason always get Sutcliffe and Harris muddled up. Two of the better journo’s though.

Yes, good old IRIS is causing all of the problems. So much so that McLaren have sacked the original supplier and a new company are frantically trying to deliver exactly what is wanted.

It also explains why the 12C was over in Seattle recently, but not why some lunatic chose to take it for a joy ride!

All of the dealer cars are completed minus IRIS, but McLaren wont release any car until it is fully fitted out, even though like most of us, they would gladly run it minus IRIS.

In a way I am glad that it is IRIS and not other electronic gremlins, as first appeared to be the case.

Just one further point on IRIS, looks like it will be compulsory in UK and therefore presumably for all markets, not just USA.
what's the hang up?.......Microsoft systems correct?.........Ford runs microsoft in their vehicles and has NO ISSUES.......i don't get it:confused:
....must be a weight issue.........Microsoft could not make weight like a wrestler;):rolleyes::)
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