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I would see if you could get your hands on a 720S and take it for a drive. I think there are many aspects of owning these cars (prestige, performance, personal aspirations and life goals, the thrill of driving). Driving it to see if the shoe fits is very important especially when you are on the fence. You can look at one, and hear it, but those are only two out of the five sense we have, and I think you need a more informed decision before you make the financial commitment. As far as tracking it, I think that's another level requiring investment such as driver education, money for consumables, track insurance, etc. I agree with you, there is pretty much no where on the street that you can open up the car and experience its limits like you can on a track. It sounds like you are in the mood for a change. The 720s is such a great car and I don't think you will regret the switch, however, hopefully you can at least drive one before you take the plunge to be totally sure. Also, if you can swing it - on top of the 720s, there's also the idea of buying a dedicated track car that can be a lot less expensive than a 720s, and beating it up and not having to worry about taking out your prized toy especially if there is fear of potential loss. It might be almost as fun for a lot less worry.
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