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Dealer Shopping for a lightly used 720S

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Probably a common type of thread, but hopefully someone was in my shoes and can provide an opinion. I've been interested in a 720S for a few years and am learning the differences between each Trim level. I definitely want a highly optioned Performance Trim.
My current situation and mindset is that I currently own a modified 2014 Audi R8 with a Supercharged V10 with a DCT for shifting. I'm probably into the car for about $225k - $250k in total. Very happy with the car and setup, very reliable, performance is awesome. Doesn't change the fact that I also love the look of the 720S.
What I am struggling with is I own the Audi, have it for nearly 8 years now. I'm not going to do anything else to it, I don't drive it a lot, but love to drive on the track. I only go out maybe 3 times per year, but really love it. I have to trade in the Audi if I buy a 720, and I'll go back to having a substantial loan for a few years.
I do not plan on modifying the 720 at all and I assume it would be as good or better than the Audi on the Track in its current form. So, I ask myself, do I want to drive that expensive of a car on the track? My rationalization to myself is, you can never use the car on the street the way it was intended to be driven, so it would be a waste to have it and not track it once in a while. I know not everyone feels this way, but for me, it's a thing.
I also am afraid that I will regret selling the Audi; the car is not without its own minor issues, but reliability and longevity are important to me.
I've had the car awhile, maybe I should move to something else.
Will Mclaren be around in the forseeable future? What happens to the cars, if you need parts and/or service if they disappear? What happens to the value of the cars? No one knows what will happen, but this is what floats around my head.
This seems to be my process when switching from one car to another. I had similar thoguhts when I went from my second Viper to the Audi, and I did not regret it one bit. Any thoughts, opinions would be greatly appreciated!
Also, has anyone worked with McLaren in Greenwich, CT?
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