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Current production count.

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So, how many MP4-12Cs have been produced so far?
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Mine was #14##, delivery end of June.
I saw a car today with a vin of 15xx, can't remember exact number.
I've seen a 16XX at MacSF
Too many in one year. Its not good for resale values and the UK market from what I heard is taking a hit already. In US I don't think it has been hit as of yet as the cars are not readily available and because they are so heavily optioned, people want to get exactly what they like or nothing at all.
That's a lot for a one model car company. They should pace their supply and have at least a 9 months to 1 year wait list. This way re sale will hold. Waiting time for a new 12C in Singapore is only 5 months. About the same for the 458 but the 458 spider is a one yr wait list.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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