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Hey everyone. Last week we completed this 600LT that came to us all the way from Canada. The car got a slew of modifications including ANRKY performance wheels, IPE performance exhaust, Novitec sport springs, caliper refinish, and a stunning wrap supplied by the team at Inozetek. We covered this car on our YouTube channel so make sure to head over there and see the rolling footage of this bad boy. Let us know what you think and as always send us any questions you may have about the package.

Customer 600LT Gallery: 600LT Galleries - Wheels Boutique

Build Specs:
Finish: Gloss White
Size: 20"x9" || 21"x12.5"
ANRKY Carbon Center Cap
Tires: Michelin Pilot Sport 4S
Tire Size: 235/30/20 || 325/25/21
Novitec Sport Springs
Full IPE Exhaust
Brake Caliper Refinish
Inozetek Pearl Crystal Blue Wrap

Also Available: 19”, 22”, & 23” Diameter || 2-Piece (AN28) and 3-piece (AN38) Configurations || Satin, Stone, Brushed & Polished Finishes

Visit & contact us for details, availability, and pricing on ANRKY Wheels, Novitec Parts, IPE Exhaust, & Michelin Tires.

For more photos of this vehicle visit: McLaren 600LT on ANRKY AN18
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