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Lightest possible 458 Italia to be configured for the U.S. market, with over $100,000 on options, still hits the scales at 3,400 lbs (too heavy), 130 lbs heavier than the MP4-12C with the 12C having the big stereo.

The ZR1 is geared long, it is light on the rear end so it suffers when launching, and it doesn't have a trick transmission. However, with its runflat MPSC 19"/20" tires this car lapped the Nurburgring in 7:19s, faster than the MP4-12C and the Italia by a decent margin.

At a racetrack (I don't call a drag way a racetrack), 0-60 mph or 0-100 mph means nothing. I look more to the acceleration from 80mph up to 120-130-140-150, as while exiting a turn at a track I have to limit the application on the right pedal until the car can take it a full tilt, a point that is typically located above 60mph at most racetracks.

On experienced track drivers hands, these 3 cars are very close in lap times.

I would personally place them: MP4-12C 1st, 458 Italia 2nd, ZR1 3rd.

I suppose condition were not optimal during the test. The ZR1 with Michelin PSC ZP lapped much faster in a previous R&T Comparison and the MP4-12C can frankly lap faster than the lightest 458. Hot day or what ?
I think the Mp4-12c with Michelin PSC could be the faster of the lot without any doubt
Magazines should also judge lap consistence. I mean if anyone is interested to trackdays you need a car able to lap 20-30m session without overheating mechanics or destroying tires or disc pads in three laps ….
Salut, Arnaud
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