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Is a car in your apartment HOT or NOT?

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First, a disclaimer. I hate Jesus Diaz, author of the above "article." He is a hitwhore of major proportions, and an "opinion maker/leader" that systematically gets everything wrong IMO...

I *love* this idea of having a lift/car park right in your apartment. This is not the first such concept, but I love how this came out with the balcony and two story high floor to ceiling windows.

What's worse is he's going back to the same "emotionless" crud that every car hack calls the 911 turbo. Let me take them for a drive; I guarantee they'll get emotional... Spoiled hacks that have never created anything themselves passing judgement on those with talent; I suppose it makes for good click bait...

Any other designs you guys have found to be cool? I think I saw one in Singapore where the balconies were glass pools!


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Pimped out garage... hot.... car in the living room... not... I remember a while back a member here posted some pics of his combo garage / office... That gets two big thumbs up, but a few thoughts that come to mind with a car in the middle of the living room...

- I live in NH, this time of year all I would see would be salt marks and all I would think about would be how the heat of the house was making the salt more efficient at eating the car.

- Cars smell like, well, cars... On the inside that's not so bad, but on the outside... not so much.

- If there were some imperfection in the car, it's all I would see, and that would stress me out... Ok, I may be a bit neurotic, but several of you on here likely already figured that out :D

- If I had the bright idea of putting a car in the living room, it's only a matter of time before the girlfriend came up with a counter proposal of something of equal or greater value that she things should have equal floor space... I'm honestly not sure what it might be, but it wouldn't be good.

- I live in an old house with small rooms. A car in my living room would turn my living room into a garage. :D

Honestly, I have seen it done well, and it is a great way to make the car more of an art installation. It wouldn't be for me, but I can see the appeal.

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