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I have an opportunity to buy a preowned 765LT Coupe and would sell my 720S.

Convince me that a 765LT Coupe is $300,000 better than a 720S Coupe. :)
Hi Michaelj,
I’m speaking from the perspective of an owner of a 765LT SN 220, ex-owner of a 650S Spyder and participant of 2 Pure McLaren events (Brands Hatch and Spa) where I drove a 720S at Track level.
Now cred aside, the 720 and LT are quite different beasts.The 720 is a good daily driver - comfortable, etc that is you can track with great enjoyment. The LT is unadorned performance focussed. It’s noisy (not just the engine) the carbon fibre interior buzzes and vibrates. The gear ratio is shorter - better acceleration and throttle response but can be a tiring drive.
Ultimately, which is better depends on your priorities. I’m very happy with mine, but I don’t drive it everyday.
Hope this helps.
61 - 61 of 61 Posts