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Considering purchase of a 2019 720s without CPO warranty - What concerns are there?

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I have been in the market for a pre-owned 720s for a few months. I've been searching Cargurus,, Autotrader, McLarenLife, eBay, etc. and I've narrowed my search down to two cars.

My first choice based on price, specs, and color combo is a 2019 720s Performance with less than 4,000 miles. It's a 3 owner car, so I would potentially be the third owner. It is being offered by a McLaren dealer in Texas and their advertisement didn't indicate that it would be a CPO car. They just took the car in on trade and it finally went through the service center. The salesman just informed me that due to some "missed maintenance" McLaren will not CPO this car. It's a McLaren Corporate decision, not the dealer's choice. I told the dealer I'm willing to pay more for the car to get the 1 year CPO warranty, and I would actually extend that to 2 years for more peace of mind.

Unfortunately, McLaren will not CPO this car despite the low mileage and the fact that the original factory warranty is still in effect....due to expire later this month. This means the car can never be covered under a McLaren warranty. I'm not sure if that also means it cannot be covered by a 3rd party warranty provider, but it may seem so.

The car has never been tuned and is a full OEM spec. No aftermarket parts whatsoever. I have requested the service records, as this decision by McLaren to blacklist this car is very strange.

This is an obvious red flag....I assume, or have any of you seen McLaren take this position before on other cars that may have simply missed a scheduled oil change, etc.?

Should I absolutely pass on this car? It has a clean Carfax, low mileage, and a great spec. Price isn't too least not yet. The dealership may reprice it now knowing it cannot be covered under any McLaren warranty.

Appreciate your thoughts.
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I am putting my 720s for sale. 3800 ish miles. High Spec, no mods, full xpel wrap and mclaren warranty till March 2024.

Watch for the ad in classifieds.
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Volcano red.

Ad is now up on classifieds.
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