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Mixed emotions about the Formula One campaign this year. It seems the team and the car got off to a shaky start and spent the rest of the season catching up to Red Bull. That said, they did a right fine job of it and truly were the only team that could challenge RB on occasion. Plus, any season that they trounce Ferrari in the Constructors has to be considered somewhat a success.

Button, too, was fabulous in the latter half of the season - I'm sure will go a long way to silence his remaining detractors.

I see that McLaren has lost their chief aero man. Hopeful that it doesn't slow them down.

On a general front, I'm still not a fan of DRS. I'd gladly trade the extra overtakes to get back to a more pure form of racing.

Read an article where the Ferrari CEO was complaining that the rules favor teams with strong aero dynamics and if the trend continues, Ferrari may consider to walk away from F1. I hope McLaren new aero man is good or the next year may be tough. Do you know where the current chief went to?
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