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Confused about color choices!

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Hey Guys - Just realized that we have a Mclaren site!:eek: Andy C sent me a link and so I signed up.

I am on the list at Park Place in Dallas. Unfortunately I still don't have a clue what ext. colors/interior color to go with. I was going to go with Volcano Orange but a good friend of mine is getting it too. So I was a bit disappointed and thought I should pick another color. I was going to go with Mclaren Orange but it seems SO bright and showy(something I am not). But it is the official factory color.

Other than that - I was going to with superlight wheels in grey, CF interior, and sills(the comment about the sills looking like mouse fir made me cringe!), IRIS, orange stitching, and some seats - NO CLUE about it yet. Not decided if I want CF mirrors or not.

My friend is prolly going to keep the car less than 6 months and then flip it. So would you just get V.O. if you were in my seat?


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if you have friend with a Sony Playstation and GT5 it has High Definition rendition of all the colours, you can even see the orange fleck in the Volcano Black. It's the best colour palette I have seen.
I'm getting Volcano Orange for the MP4. Saw the pain sample at my dealer's showroom and the colour hue changes under sunlight. Was originally going for McLaren orange. But upon seeing the V.O. in person, it has a very special effect. Think it complements the car very well.
Saw pics in french magazine of one of the orange pre production car which has clearly a leather/alcantara interior with the leather part Orange.
It is not in the configuration, sure it is bit flashy, but dont see why it seems they dont make it available in production.

I think it is strange too that the dual color driving wheel, is not available with sport leather interior. Can not be complicated to put the wheel the client wants whatever the seat he takes, can it?
Did anybody enquired about to have colored driving wheel in a combo wich dont allow it in the configurator?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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