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I suggest to all the owners putting down their best photo (only one) and detailing their options.
The purpose also is to gather the MP4 of the forum and for the future buyers to have a data base on the various configurations.
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I begin

ICE Elite Colour
Inconel Sport Exhaust
Black finish wheels
Lightweight wheels
Alcantara and Leather Interior
Carbon package interior
Carbon Engine Bay Panels
Carbon Mirror Casing
Carbon Turning Vanes
Carbon Sill Panel

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Stunning picture, congratulations on the spec which looks fantastic

France 2 / RoW 0:

Mine is Graphite Grey with Super Lightweight wheels, CC brakes, polished calipers, Inconel exhaust, carbon fiber wheel arch and sill panel, carbon interior with black leather/alcantara and orange stitching.


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Volcano orange
Alcantara and black leather with orange stitching and carbon interior
light weight wheels in silver
carbon engine covers
Standard seats to save weight,which are very comfortable
Mavis one day!


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  • Standard Silver
  • Standard wheels in Stealth
  • Silver Brake Calipers
  • Stealth Pack
  • Carbon Engine Covers
  • Carbon Interior
  • Standard Exhaust
  • Black leather / Alcantara upholstery with Silver Stitching
  • Electric Sports Seats
  • Parking Sensors F+R
  • Iris
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1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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