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clear side marker problem

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I just had Mclaren of Greenwich Ct service my car and install oem clear side markers. I picked up the drove for 15 minutes heading home and noticed an error message saying "left side marker fault" & "right side marker fault". When I arrived home I kept the lights on and noticed that the side markers were not lit up.

I closelynlooked at the stock side markers and noticed its only lenses using the original bulb.
Has anyone experienced this?
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That's expected - supposedly there's a software fix in the works. The clear markers are not indicators, as the yellow ones are (due to difference in Euro and US regulations). So there's no bulb there anymore - and it throws the code.
Why would anyone remove a safety feature?? This makes no sense.:confused:
You need to put in a resistor on the factory bulb plug. Not sure of the ohm rating.
At the very least you should've had this explained by the service mgr before driving off.

Nothing more frustrating than seeing an unexpected error message imo.
I agree apparently they did not test the car before releasing it & to boot they charged me $160.00 to install them. I just ordered a new set from Newport Beach Mclaren, they actually retrofit an led bulb into the housing of the marker so when plugged in there are no error codes
I happen to speak to my service advisor today from McLaren Greenwich, who explained to me that due to the error message issue that I received, they will install the new set of side markers that I purchased from Newport Beach Mclaren at no cost, which I felt, was an honorable thing to do.
That's a good result, here is to many enjoyable motoring miles!
In case anyone needed to know, it is a 1/2 Watt 47 ohm resistor needed at all 4 corners to ensure there is no trouble light inside the cabin.
No. Basically realtime error on/off if it feels the led's are out.
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