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Which one should I purchase?

  • Mclaren Mp4-12C

    Votes: 32 86.5%
  • Ferrari F430 Scuderia

    Votes: 5 13.5%
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Hi everyone, i am buying my first super car soon and i need your opinion to help me decide. I am considering to buy a orange 2012 Mclaren MP4-12C with 4k miles on it. My other choice would be an 2009 F430 Scuderia with 7k miles on it. It has the rosso scuderia color. The car is really well maintained and it comes with a Novitec Rosso exhaust. Both are great cars but they are great in different way.

The Mclaren is just different, it is more quiet but faster than the scuderia. After watching all the car reviews about mclaren, i noticed that not many people love that car. I don't understand why they don't like it. I drove the mclaren once and it was really easy to drive. The car is really comfortable. But i feel that this car is not loud enough. Not as appealing as the Ferrari. However, i do love about the way how the doors open. It caught so much attention. It is still comparable to the lamborghini aventador and the ferrari f458 italia.

Well the Scuderia, it's a ferrari, so we all know how it feels like. The noise from the exhaust is just loud and sexy. I love how the car handles in the corner. But now that the f458 is out, i'm afraid that the scuderia will be seen as an old car. Anyway, the depreciation is way more acceptable than the mclaren.

So people, i really need your feedback soon before purchasing it. It's my first super car, so it's a big deal for me. If you were me, which one would you choose?

Thank you
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