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CAR mag supertest

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Looks like we should have some tasty stuff by Sunday. Hopefully McLaren supplied a light-spec 12C to take on the cheater 458 ;), although the GT2 RS could very well spoil the party.
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Can´t wait for MP4-12C results. I hope they did full performance test of all also, having such a nice lineup.

SLS didn´t do well. 2 secs slower than R8 V10. It seems GT2 RS did 1:29 with its cup tires.

What to expect from MP4-12C ? In the video it is shown both with superlightweight wheels (+corsa tires?) and lightweight wheels (+normal P-zero?). I would expect 1:27 with corsa tires.
What I am pointing at here is that the Italia did not beat the GT2RS in ANY discipline measured by Sport Auto. It gets beaten in acceleration, on the brakes, in the slalom and in top speed. It is considerably heavier. It loses 2.1 seconds in hockenheim and 14(!!) seconds on the Ring.

All of a sudden it beats the GT2RS in a CAR test. WTF?!
That Sport Auto test of 458 was strange. The results were not in line with all the other tests from around the world. Autobild Sportscars with the very same car did 7:32 on full lap (20,8km) with a passenger. That means around 7:22-7:23 on Sport Auto layout without a passenger (just like Sport Auto tests). Still on Pilot Sport tires. With Pilot Super Sport or Corsas for sure under 7:20. GT2 RS official time is 7:18.
What is not easily explained (and made the difference to a large extend) is the almost 110 kg difference in the 458 weight vs previous tests..
458 test weight in most previous european tests was in 1530-1540kg range. The difference actually is about 60-70kg. New carbon options probably do not fully explain it.

This applies for the DP599TV press car tested in EVO and Autoexpress. Not sure about this Ferrari Northern Europe car.
Like EVO Car have quoted manufactuers kerb weights in the test not the actual weight of the cars tested.
So the mystery regarding 458 losing weight has been solved. Are there any other test results in CAR (acceleration, braking...)?
So it seems we have got the Rockingham time for MP4-12C with the suspension fixed, traction control fully off, corsa tires and Ben Collins behind the wheel. Right ?

- 1:29,2

Still slower than GT2 RS (and 458). It seems the suspension wasn´t really an issue with improvement of 0,9s with corsa tires added. The improvement is about what Corsa tires should bring.
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