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Can anyone remember Iris?

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Can you remember what Iris is actually programmed to do, if and when she arrives on the scene? My reason for this line of thought is, that as the day of my car's arrival fast approaches, I have been re-reading a huge pile of old mags. with all the initial reports and appraisals of the car. At that time most the photos of the interior showed Iris with a graphic of the circuit that the car was being driven on, and the car was to be capable of following its own progress on screen and monitor lap times etc. Later I was told that this feature would never be on the current 12c, and might be on p12 or “megamac”. Anyway I am getting to wonder what it is that we are all waiting for? Surely not just a simple satnav and a sound system?
If and when she appears, what do you guys expect from Iris? Just what is it that Mclaren has been spending all this money and time upon?:confused:
(2 weeks and 19 hrs approx waiting time remaining)
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I don't know if the circuit stuff will be in there. Probably not. I do remember Antony Sheriff saying it will do something that no other system does, but maybe that statement is no longer true. I think they were trying to make a GPS system that did some sort of dead reckoning or triangulation or something, to provide better accuracy. Again, I don't know if that mandate has now changed. They are adding some EQ presets or something or other to the Meridian system, I think.
Well, no one can remember Iris as no one has met Iris.

But Doris told me she was expected to be able to be interrogated with the service centre so that parts would be ready for the car's service. Remote download of music files. Fabulous, never heard before, sound quality. Radio reception both in cities and the countryside.

I can't remember if surfing was expected.
" that the car was being driven on, and the car was to be capable of following its own progress on screen and monitor lap times etc"

in my dreams too...

up to date google or someting like, 3D view

wifi (we can see a mac adress if you search in the menus)

lap timing (gps assisted)

i hope

if we have waiting one year for a standard GPS...
In "Loudstart" post yesterday, Hei819 reports- "finally I got a chance to check out the IRIS Navigation today from the Spider , they didn't give you a 3D view like "TomTom". or other Car Manufacturer..
I didn't get the chance to drive around and test it but after a year wait for the IRIS and they still could not provide something which call up-to-date navigation system? ( sigh )

How disappointed "

So it seems that Iris is now out on some cars. Mine is coming out of the factory in the next few days, so maybe I WILL be able to inform what she is all about?
Should have voice operated functions for satnav and bluetooth in several languages, although no voice controlled system yet released is very good, so why Mclaren think this was going to be worth waiting for, and for 5k.......? Maybe we shall soon find out?
I gave up on Iris Doris and Mavis long ago. :mad:
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