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You might find this amusing. I am actually the 'one expert' quoted in the auction description. :D In fact most of the information he has on the parts came from discussions with me.

I actually know the current owner of the car these parts came off of and tried to broker a deal between him and the seller when these first surfaced as I was eager to see them reunited with the car. The owner of the F1 was interested in them for the novelty factor but the parts really serve zero purpose anymore and of course are not standard McLaren components so they have little value to anyone else either.

In the initial bargaining, the price differential between what was asked and what was offered was a factor of 10. When it was clear they wouldn't find common ground the seller chose to put them on Ebay for his $25,000 asking price, despite me making it very clear the parts had minimal value in today's world. They've been cycling through Ebay now for over a year with the price dropping over time. So far there have been no takers which is unfortunate, but not a huge surprise.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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