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Hello guys,

I am Greg, I live in Germany.
Recently I sold my Porsche 997 Turbo PDK.
And I am thinking to buy a used MP4-12C.
Here are some specs of car:
2012 (625hp) (I think car was upgraded by factory to 625hp)
McLaren Orange exterior
Black leather interior with McLaren Orange stitching
Electric and heated seats
IRIS Navigation
Carbon interior
Carbon Sills
Carbon turning vanes
Stealth Lightweight II wheels
Carbon brakes in McLaren Orange color
Parking Sensors
Stealth Package

Price is quite good I think €156,000 (previous price was 160,000)

But I am everyday supercar user, and my question is, are the Carbon Brakes expensive for service? Because he said that he can change them with standard brakes.

So what should I do? Keep the Carbon Brakes or change them to standard ones? My 997 Turbo had standard brakes. I think its a waste of money for everyday car drivers to get the carbon brakes.

Thank you!
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