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The grids were created with a 3d printer simply by copying the shape of the oem grids mp4 12c, same shape and drawing. in ABS plastic of good quality
it's a job that any 3d printer shop in your city can perform
Can you get the digital 3D scan file? If so, it would help out others would like to source a local supplier for the grids. PM me if you are able to get it :)

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We continue with the build (I've taken a vacation to collect new parts and work on other cars)
since I bought the car one of the worst fears I have had was not being able to provide service and maintenance due to the lack of a third-party tool
luckily I could get one with full access to the car.

thanks to this I am now able to face a much more complete build.

Solve faults, repair errors and diagnose and above all adjust parameters.

the car had an unstable idle, with bumps in the acceleration and shaking.
The ISG is a problematic system, it is a simple membrane with a high maintenance cost that introduces noise of the admission inside the room the summon of the sport sound:(

I think that this membrane never fits completely and makes the seal in any mclaren or when it left the dealership again.
if you have a leak for a minimum it will produce errors in the car
I highly recommend it and it is a must to get hold of ISG plate that sells XPRD.
This simple metallic plate solved many problems that my car had for a few $$
now there is no leak and car runs hard until the end and is rock solid idle

Now is when the really good and fun starts
I have got a front carbon fins MSO parts

they are very light and of a great quality
100% carbon fiber racing

In my opinion, the front of the car is much more aggressive.

I've always dreamed of racing carbon seats and it's definitely a must have in a sports car
I do not misunderstand the serial seats are comfortable ...
But heavy and the driving posture is similar to a daily car like a BMW or a Mercedes.

Thanks to Rooney from XPRD he got it for me
carbon racing seats of a mclaren p1 and just in alcantara coinciding with my car.

The difference in weight is important, it's amazing how light these seats are
and how heavy are the comfortable electronic seats

although they are a little fair.
came in but I have more tight than a thong
Once you settle, I can live with them.
I am thin and even though they are very narrow, I am just a hamburger of not fitting in the seats.
if you are wide of body they are not recommendable

the next step would be to install some mclaren harnesses special operations
For this I have made a custom bar for the harnesses painted in black (powder paint)


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the compartment is quite simple if it does not include the carbon option (mine did not have it)
so I had to make it and get a custom MSO cover for me.

we follow my favorite recipe to the "carbonara"
wheel arches

the part around the seatbelt

after all these mods
to celebrate we decided to go for a walk with a friend

(too much time inside the workshop without seeing the sunlight)


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Looks amazing! Where'd you get the recessed fender louvers? I thought the raised louvers were the 12C spec'd MSO ones?


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It's time to change wheels
The Pzero are obsolete, I tested the new michelin PS4S
They are very good. But I want a semisclick to use on the road and track.

The sizes manufactured by Toyo are 235/35/19 front and 315/30/20

The wheels feel great to the car. Its appearance is much more aggressive with stronger and wider flanks.
does not touch anything with the diffuser (Oem spring height)

although there is a difference at the hardware level between the suspension of the 675 Lt and the MP4-12C.
there is also a software difference.

I was able to access the suspension module with the MDS and access and adjust it as a 675 Lt with its calibration, there are hundreds of parameters to modify that I prefer not to touch.
but now every time you connect to the car the suspension module is recognized as a 675 lt

with all these changes I have gone out to the road to try, after heating the tire to its temperature of use and put the car in the track mode
the difference is abysmal, the track mode is much harder.

I thought that a street wheel goes well, no.
This is another world, to start accelerating thoroughly no micro losses accelerates seamlessly to the end.
With the configuration of the 675
The car is bouncing and you can not put your foot on the gas to keep up the speed I'm jumping inside the seat.
In a curve in the past you put the steering wheel and gas fully in the exit of the curve without controls
The car keeps the trajectory as if nothing ��.
And braking hard tends to go to the side because it blocks wheel, you have to be careful with the brakes is the only defect that I feel.

while accelerating thoroughly I thought I'm crazy is absurd how fast I go I can not imagine how this can be with 200 hp more,
I swallow my tongue and they give me convulsions just thinking about it,
When they get warmer you start to get more confidence and each time you get stronger you brake later and you accelerate more.
It is without a doubt the best wheel that I have ever tried, together with something that has changed in the suspension in the track mode, I can not imagine how this must be on a circuit or in a place where it does not end up in the cemetery or in the jail .

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this day was a very special day for me
the first time I do a track day with mclaren

Together with my friend, with his 458 speciale we visited the circuit

I was surprised by the rigidity of the mclaren monocell carbon chassis

toyo r888r tires once it reaches the operating temperature are incredibly sticky

I only took a few turns
I did not take the car to its maximum and I had no temperature problems


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Please share how we can contact your friend who made the custom carbon fiber bits for your engine and interior compartments.

The car looks incredible! Thanks for sharing.
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