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.....finally given it 5 stars but the f40 is still "better"....
Actually, the conclusion is that the 12C is in every way more advanced and better performing and even just as thrilling, as long as you are prepared to sacrifice your driver's license. Which is true.

Regarding the magazine issue on the whole, I guess Harry Metcalfe realized he better start kissing some ass if he wants to be invited to drive the F1 replacement. The Goodwood and Morocco articles were boring as shite and almost put me to sleep, though the Africa bit did seem to highlight how McLaren has moved the game on for usability of a supercar.

458 Spider inset on the 12C Spider article illustrates how McLaren out-engineered Ferrari again. Luca will not be happy and will put Harry's Miglia passes on hold until the comparo and Ferrari press car changes Harry's tune. Did notice however that Sheriff confirmed no more coupes will be built if all future orders are for Spiders.

Some nice pics but otherwise a waste of five bucks. Wait for the scans instead.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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