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One of my old CEO's told his software executives a few years ago "I'd rather have 10,000 customers paying me $100 each vs. one customer paying me 1MM. It's easier to add more customers at $100 than find another willing to spend 1MM. And if you lose a customer, it's not as painful." After experiencing the exponential growth based upon this model (and subsequent IPO last year), it was a valuable lesson in the importance of not only spreading your subscription revenue across a wide swath of consumers versus being greedy with our solution and trying to recoup our full investment in the software as quickly as possible against those with deep pockets and little sense.

Best of luck to the companies trying to sell their solutions for these prices, but as others have stated...the math just doesn't make sense. You have an active community willing to invest in your product (and your future as a business), but it's cheaper to have the dealer diagnose at these rates. We get it, you invested in developing the software and that comes at a cost. However, if your pricing effectively removes your target audience from considering your solution, you're going to have to start asking whether this is a viable product. Low product uptake is a sure sign that something is off...and it sure seems like it's not the product or features, but rather your pricing.

FWIW, thanks for putting the time in the develop this. I had my car at my nearest dealer (3 hours away) over the Winter for it's annual service and airbag recall work, and they neglected to reset to service interval warning light. I'd love to have your tool to do just that without having to deal with the hassle of coordinating remediation with this dealer. But at 2k + subscription....I can deal with the annoyance of a little beep and notification that goes away within 10 seconds of starting my car.
1 - 1 of 158 Posts