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Bad Seating

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Just had new software installed, version 9. Opens the passenger door on key fob, ECT. The seating position has now altered as in the seat base and back rest now stops when on max adjustment approx 3 inches from the back. Really uncomfortable driving position now, any one else experience this?
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Are you saying the seat goes back, but stops 3" short of where it used to? If that's the case, it might be that the seat module has lost it's memory (different from the 'memory' settings). Just a thought.

...have you asked this of your service department?
Yeah... that's just that it lost it's memory - that upgrade has nothing to do with the seat, but could reset your saved settings. Happened to me too.
Due to a faulty air con drain valve, the seats to come out very wet carpets. The control that modulates the seat setting for the back rest and base , now cuts off short.

On a 100mile round trip I was adjusting the seat every few minutes trying to get comfortable. Used to fit like a glove. The dealer has had one go. Going back in tomorrow.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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