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I have tried it with google translater: perhaps its a little bit wrong translated!:confused::D
hopefully you can understand most of it, my time at school is long gone!!!

Actually, one should not start with stories describing the weather. But in this case is no different: Thank you, God, that you have given the Brits on this important day sun. We are in Dunsfold, about 70 kilometers southwest of London - where it rains almost over and only a stone's throw from Woking, the birthplace of a car which we may test today. And teaching the craft of the super sports car from now on will put the fear: the McLaren MP4-12C.

AUTOZEITUNG ACCELERATION RECORD: 8.7 seconds from 0 to 200
The operation in the cockpit is self-explanatory left turn signal, windshield wiper on the right, three buttons and two massive metal paddles for the seven-speed dual clutch transmission. With two silver knobs chassis, engine and gearbox from comfortable to sporty, great to be trimmed. We start the 600-horsepower twin-turbo V8, both regulators turn on "Track" and rolls slowly to the airfield of Dunsfold - better known as the playground of "The Stig", who in the BBC car series "Top Gear" will time hunting .

The runway is just long enough that you can not see from one to the other end - just right for the acceleration test. With a push of a button, we activate the launch control. "Clack", the first course is on. We firmly pull the belt again, and his left foot on the brake and full throttle. The speed remains at just 5000 rpm, with torque electronically limited to this the engine from outside sounds like a jackhammer. "Ready Boost" shows the small screen to the left of the tachometer, the pressure required for the absolute acceleration orgy is built. So Lupfer and brake release. The result is quite spectacular and absolutely perfect: no squealing tires or smoking, no burnt clutch, not a twitch of the tail. After only three seconds of the McLaren MP4-12C has a speed of 100 cracked. But the weaker, a less 70 hp Porsche 911 Turbo S with six-cylinder boxer and four-wheel drive can it also. But what held the McLaren 100 to 200 km / h, we have not experienced in testing to date. As if there were no tomorrow, the speed needle jumps up and down behind the wheel, the double-clutch gearbox pops up a gear after the other in, and the numbers on the digital speed display seem to be almost over beat. 8.7 seconds later, the orange Briton flies with 200 KM/H on the airfield and while screaming with all his power by violence, out of the two-flat tailpipes.
Even if you back at the curve apex is almost fully on the gas or brake into the corner, you will not be surprised by a sudden outbreak or a prancing rear axle. To wear the appropriate temperature with sticky semi-slick tires and the so-called Airbrake (air brake) at - one of abrupt deceleration of about 95 km / h automatically extending rear spoiler. Even in the sometimes wavy airport Fahrbahnoberfl Aech with changing pads pfl McLaren egt always fine, honest, but also damn fast way, supported by a lightning fast operating double-clutch gearbox, which is supported when downshifting through automatic throttle surges. After about ten laps we allow to cool MP4 roll over the long straight before we pass the gate and boarded the highway.

Here, where long before the sun has been nothing going on and the potholes are lower over the year than a century after a German winter, received just 1.20 meters of the last Briton flat chassis fine-tuning. Work, the adaptive dampers with hydraulic roll compensation in normal mode, issues the MP4-12C on the weathered asphalt English standards in its segment. The lightweight 1359 kilogram car is very quiet, and even when driving over transverse joints and edges you do not have the feeling of sitting in a super athlete who runs when needed 330 km / h. Although the landing gear noise from penetrating into the interior and on, hard knocks, the inmates have migraines. A large measure due to the comfortable padded sports shells that resemble with fixed head restraints in the traditional layout of the Porsche seats.

Even otherwise you have to give the McLaren MP4-12C is not on the usual comforts. Leather, carbon brake Kermik, Navi: On average from buyers for the 200,000-euro 60,000 euro athletes again for extras - but this does not change the fact that the digital display behind the steering wheel is too small and therefore are difficult to read. A nice detail is the sensor-controlled exterior door. A light hand-wipe on sales below the edge of the side air intake is sufficient to release the wings that soar slowly with little effort forward. Although the seat consoles on the floor far below the 75 kg lightweight carbon chassis mounted and the sills are wide, is the entrance through the large door openings no Kletterakt. In the 144-liter small trunk between the front wheels while barely fit a water chamber, for two small gym bags with luggage for a weekend trip to the track but always have enough space.

Our trip ends after one day. Preferably we would have immediately taken the McLaren to the test track against Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche to Cologne. Of Dunsfold in the cathedral city there are 600 km. That would go with the MP4-12C is very relaxed.
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