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Artura Deliveries

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Looks like the assembly line is moving …..
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VERY unfavorable . . . I am likely cancelling my order and abandoning the brand.
That's a bit harsh...Nothing else drives like a McLaren...But hey there's always the Porsche cult and their silly games. Ferrari as well...
The flow of information is fascinating.

It is noteworthy that @unmac -- who ordered his car after me -- has already been given a new build date, while I remain completely in the dark. @unmac is a longtime McLaren patron that currently owns a P1, Siena, 765, etc, will be receiving a 750 next year, and likely ordered the Artura solely as a favor to his dealer to maintain his good standing and ensure that he receives the P1 replacement, with no desire to actually drive the Artura on any regular basis. In his IG Stories, @unmac regularly discusses the importance of purchasing pedestrian models in order to secure access to the highly desirable, limited production hypercars, and that is surely what motivated his Artura order. In contrast, I am a new McLaren customer who ordered the Artura as my sole supercar for daily driving. I ordered the car before @unmac . I am the exact customer that McLaren targeted with the Artura, to convert former 911TT owners and thereby expand McLaren's customer base. Yet, McLaren appears to be prioritizing @unmac over me. To be clear, I do not blame @unmac . He is merely playing the game. That said, if McLaren prioritizes its loyal customers like @unmac , and leaves new customers like me holding the bag, McLaren will squander its opportunity to expand its customer base and many new potential McLaren customers with Arturas on order will go back to our former safe havens.

One more anecdote. My wife also test drove an Artura and she loved it. She currently drives a Miami Blue 991.2 911. She loved the Artura so much that we were contemplating getting his and hers. She chose the color of my Artura. For the past year, we both have been excited to add a McLaren to our garage. This was a big deal for both of us -- a family affair. When I first told her about the further delay, she tried to persuade me to wait. She loves the Artura so much that she wanted me to be without a car for 6 - 12 months waiting for the Artura. She offered up her 911 to me during the interim. I declined. Then, as I updated her on the evolving information and she further contemplated the issue, she became angry at McLaren. She correctly observed that, while supercar delays are common, McLaren commenced customer deliveries and we had a confirmed FOC date. Throughout November, we were assured a December delivery. The delays were behind us. We relied upon this information, including to sell my prior car during November, after the FOC date. Now, my wife is angry that we are being left in the lurch. Notwithstanding how much she loves the Artura, she now wants me to buy an F8. The dream of his and her Arturas is long gone. I am waiting until next week before deciding how to proceed. If I decide to stick it out with McLaren, I am going to have to bring my wife back into the fold.
While your frustration is warranted and this might not sound good, but what I took from that post is perhaps your dealer/contact person should be a bit more discreet in who they share certain info with. Esp. someone who has never owned a Mac before and immediately runs to the forum suggesting they might be done with the brand forever. Not a good look IMHO.

Lastly...while it may or may not be fair, most businesses would have more goodwill for someone who’s spent $5m with the brand vs someone who hasn’t yet spent anything with them. I’m fully aware of customer relations...BUT...certain customers carrying more favor over others is nothing new. Shareholders get all kinds of special treatment. don’t even know yet what is going to happen. You’re car could still arrive before his...if you’re still interested in the brand of course...Emotions/frustrations running high at the moment...
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I think what we're discussing here reflects McLaren's new strategic direction of selling fewer but higher-priced cars in the future. McLaren has failed with the Sport Series, I think that's a fact by now. The Artura seems to me to be the last big mistake McLaren made in trying to gain a foothold in the mass sports-/supercar market. This product has already failed before it reaches the market. All McLaren can do here is damage limitation. The future of McLaren will be customers like unmac, he is reflecting the perfect customer profile. So McLaren is well advised to focus on "unmac markets" and not on customers like Superfluous, for this kind of customer McLaren is defintetly the wrong brand in meanwhile. That's tough, but McLaren can't do otherwise. They don't have the skills to make money with cars around 250k. In Superfluous's situation, I would consider leaving the brand or going for an attractive used car from the current Super Series.
My experience with McLaren hasn’t been’s been GREAT. Damn near perfect.

But mainly I’m just happy they knew I was a special customer. When I bought my 570 off the showroom floor and then my 720 the same way... I was pleasantly surprised to find out that McLaren knew those cars were going to be bought by me and therefore they built them with extra special care. Being special and all...I kind of expected it to be honest.

As a car enthusiast I’m so happy to hear that the greatest manufacturers of all time, namely Porsche and Ferrari treat all their customers the same way. Everyone is special. Better yet, their cars NEVER break. They are perfect. I walked into a new Porsche dealership and they rolled out the red carpet out for me...Never bought there before and they immediately offered me a GT4RS allocation and said if that’s not what I really wanted I couldn’t also get a GT3RS or a Sport Classic...It was really an incredible experience. Ferrari did virtually the same thing for me so now I have a Monza and a v12 Purosangue coming...was even put on the top of their list for their new halo car. They are such swell people over there...

I love these brands...they are all so customer friendly...everyone gets equal treatment, everyone gets cars that never breakdown and are never ever delayed. Just incredible. Oh and one last comment...all hail Porsche...the pinnacle of driving and customer experiences. 🙄
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