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AP Racing Brakes in new Nickel finish available for 620R, and an option for 1 inch thick brake pads!

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I am pleased to announce a couple exciting new developments for our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kits!

First is our new Electroless Nickel Plated (ENP) caliper finish. In the past, AP Racing has reserved their ENP finish exclusively for professional race teams. We are thrilled to now offer it to our club race, time trial, and HPDE customers! The primary performance advantage of ENP is extreme durability. Electroless Nickel Plating is incredibly hard with exceptionally low porosity. It is perfect for components exposed to harsh chemicals such a brake fluid. It can sustain years of abuse with very little change in appearance, while also being remarkably easy to clean. Last but not least, ENP provides a stunning yet neutral, liquid-metal appearance that blends well with just about any vehicle color scheme. Our new ENP finish is now optional on all AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kits at only +$200 per kit vs. our standard anodized finish! (+$100 more per caliper)

In addition to this gorgeous new caliper finish, we are introducing a wider variant of our front Pro5000R Radi-CALs to the McLaren market. Up to this point we have only offered the AP Racing CP9661 front caliper, which uses an 18mm thick pad. Moving forward, we will now have the CP9669 calipers for all our McLaren applications, which leverage a 25mm (one inch) thick pad for extreme pad longevity.

The CP9661 and CP9669 calipers we use on McLaren vehicles are nearly identical to the CP9660 and CP9668 calipers we use on other chassis, except the 61 and 69 have smaller pistons appropriate for Porsche mid and rear engine chassis. To see a detailed comparison between the CP9660/1 and CP9668/9, please check out our Essex Blog article, “Sibling Rivalry: Which AP Racing Radi-CAL is Right for Me?”

Currently, the wider CP9669 is only available in the new ENP finish (not in anodized).

You can see our complete brake menu for McLaren 620R here: 2020 Mclaren 620RAll

On to the visuals...

First up is our CP9661...the same caliper we've been using in our previous McLaren front brake kits...runs an 18mm thick pad.

Next up is the new, wider CP9669. This one leverages pads that are a full inch (25mm) thick! This caliper sticks out approximately 14mm closer to the wheel spokes vs. the CP9661 above.

Last but not least, our CP9449 rears...weighing in at 4.85 lbs.!

Here are a couple shots of the two front caliper options next to each other...CP9661 (narrow) and CP9669 (wide):

Our first client car to receive them was not a Porsche, but rather a McLaren 620R...some on-car photos for reference. These calipers are truly stunning in-person!

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Thanks for sharing Jeff. Those are nice to be honest
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