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I was in an endurance race at Riverside Raceway California in 1981 driving a Porsche . First leg driver came in
complaining of vibration . I took over next stint . Vibration went mostly away after maybe 3 laps . Then CV joint broke going to blind Turn 2 at about 130 mph . Car spun then went off the track backwards hit a burm launching it high into the air and rolled various times . I was unconscious during the flight time . Good thing we had a good roll cage and my crew chief always synch up my safety harness super tight
Corner safety crew and doctor thought I must be dead but was just knocked out
So a bad CV joint is not a good thing
Any severe chassis vibration needs to be immediately looked into
Minor track day chassis vibrations can sometimes be eliminated by always taping over the wheel weights
OEM P Zero tires with foam padding inside can also cause vibration when the foam comes adrift
The Pirelli Corsas McLaren Dealers recommended would chunk on a warm track day causing vibration
P Zeros are crap on a McLaren in spirited driving /cornering
Torfeo R’s are great but too expensive and hard to source
What car?
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