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Hi guys,

In Southern California - anyone have a set of extra wheels I can rent or borrow for about 2 weeks for 600LT (570s wheels will be fine too - I think? Hopefully should clear the calipers).

Looking to powder coat my wheels and I don't want to have the car on jack stands for too long. Being in California, although unlikely, there is a risk of fire in my area - been very windy and dry. So if there's a fire, I won't be able to evacuate without any wheels on the car. Also, less likely but if there's a big earthquake, there's a risk of tipping over. Lol, go figure that my car is white, and with the carbon bits, it's got the cow look - it would be an expensive cow tipping event!

Will pay you if you want a renters fee, no problem.

Also, the car will be in the garage during this time and I won't drive the car so your wheels will not be used.

Thanks. PM me.
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