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hi guys!

just wanted to start a little build thread on the latest Mclaren we have gracing us at Fabspeed. This car is already equipped with our High flow sport catalytists mated to the factory "upgrade" sport rear section. It is otherwise stock The car is being shipped back down so we can tune her and get some better video.

here is one of the initial dyno graphs from the tune on a car equipped with the stock exhaust, i am excited to see the power she makes with our cats... i suspect it will be pretty amazing.

dyno of tune only, will get video of the shift program this weekend! (cuts shift time down DRASTICALLY!)


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This thread is six years old... (last post was Oct 17, 2013)

I would not expect any responses to this specific dyno run and tuning info.

Dyno Spectrum & M-Engineering is the current authority on M383T tuning... (At least in my opinion) :)

Maybe ask those guys about ECU shift tuning and see if they have any details?

FWI - I am interested in knowing the outcome of the conversation as well

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