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I've kept my mouth tight on things like this before, but i cant hold it in anymore

Do people actually think it is a good idea to make your in car experience victim to toxic hardware and software obsolesce with the likes of Apple and Android?

German cars already suffer this by having bi-annual updates on model lines creating a worthless throw-away car culture where the point of a car is only to sell finance.

This post should be a great big fat warning to stay away from such mediocre crap.

Nothing ruins a supercar more than having a main feature be something that every basic bitch human being out there has. In my mind it is de-valuing the exotic market with the addition of utterly mundane features.

I can't for the life of me understand this weird obsession. Having some of the most beautifully engineered styling on the planet and ruining it with a UI that looks like it is made for stupid people
Couldn’t disagree more. You’re comparing it to the raging”success” that is IRIS. We’re starving in the desert and someone threw us a ritz cracker here.

Also, here’s the great thing about android auto and CarPlay. Dont like it? Don’t use it. IRIS is there for you in all its glory. For others that don’t like IRIS (or other amazing Audi or re-skinned oem version of a lame interface they bought off the shelf), why not let them have the ritz cracker they prefer.

That said I do worry about apple/google moving beyond infotainment to the dashboard. It seems like they want to leverage their position to take power away from the manufacturer. But in many cases the manufacturers are just buying outside premade software that they just reskin anyway, so im not sure what to think about all of it.

Also agree with others. Some things need hard buttons. Volume. HVAC. A few things need no look tactile controls, and many other things are fine with a screen only UI. I don’t know any make that has nailed the perfect balance between the screen/buttons arenas.

That said I like your rant and to some degree agree with it. I’d prefer the brands would make their own great interfaces too. Just they’ve been abject failures at it forever.
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