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I've kept my mouth tight on things like this before, but i cant hold it in anymore

Do people actually think it is a good idea to make your in car experience victim to toxic hardware and software obsolesce with the likes of Apple and Android?

German cars already suffer this by having bi-annual updates on model lines creating a worthless throw-away car culture where the point of a car is only to sell finance.

This post should be a great big fat warning to stay away from such mediocre crap.

Nothing ruins a supercar more than having a main feature be something that every basic bitch human being out there has. In my mind it is de-valuing the exotic market with the addition of utterly mundane features.

I can't for the life of me understand this weird obsession. Having some of the most beautifully engineered styling on the planet and ruining it with a UI that looks like it is made for stupid people
1 - 3 of 26 Posts