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i have it and love it!
im curious what do you use on the alcantara to keep it looking new?
Get a soft horse hair brush and brush the fabric every so often, depending on how often you drive it.

If you get a small stain or spill something on the fabric, get some Raceglaze Alcantara cleaner.

You can also dust it with a dust wand, and or use a terrycloth towel, soaked in warm soapy water. Wipe down the areas, and the use the brush to fluff the fabric up.

If want it to stay perfect, put a small towel on the seat, and then sit on that. When you go to a car show remove it.

Worst thing for Alcantara is heavy sun exposure, get a dash cover if you will have it sitting in the sun for a while. The fabric will loose it's smoothness, and get very dry and rough feeling.
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