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I LOVE it! :D

What I love:

- Fit and Finish
The leather is much nicer than any other cars I have had.
Compartments close tightly and with a clunks (reminds me of 993 Porsches).
Consistent join lines. The LCD displays are sufficiently high resolution (unlike surprisngly, in many cars). Switch gear all very nice. Paint finish seems perfect.

- Seating position
For me, just about perfect. Love the steering wheel size and shape.

- Visibility
Great visibility. I particularly like how close to the front of the car you feel you are.

- Shifting
Personally, I really like how the shifters work in tandem, and the very explicit "click". Upshifting is seamless, like a light switch. Downshifting is good but sometimes feels like it could use more throttle blip (at least for the sound! :p )

- Brakes
Some people don't like this kind of brake feel, but I really like the very solid pedal feedback. ( I have the carbon brakes). Reminds me of an open wheel race car I once drove.

- Suspension
Really amazing suspension. Minimal body roll is a new sensation. Driving dynamics are impressive.

- Engine
Very seamless power. Doesn't feel or sound strained at the higher revs (although I haven't red lined it... yet). Slight turbo lag that manifests itself in what feels like a accelerating acceleration curve, all very smooth (should not be confused with unacceptable turbo lag that feels like the transmission needs to kick down)

- Entertainment system
UI looks nice, and the sound quality is there. Doris needs her brains though.

- Interior design
Very nice, and uncomplicated. I like the cabin temp control knobs.

What is OK:

- Doors
Cool but not very practical. They work without complaint though (hard slams not needed)

- Engine sound
Sounds better from the outside than the inside. Like the sound of the turbos and the waste gates. F458 or my SLS definitely has the Mac beat for sound.

- External looks
Liking this better every time I see it. I like the subtlety but there are elements that conflict with the subtle shape. F458 is for sure, sexier. My SLS Roadster gets way more looks. My wife likes it a lot, more so than the F458 however.

What I think need:

- I think track setting could be stiffer. I think on a good track, it might be soft, as I could have it stiffer just for road use. But that's just me!
- It would also be nice to have traction control separate from suspension setting.
- Sat radio
- More storage in the cabin, like a glove box.

Pics to follow once I have some time!

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The car is stunning to see in person. Absolutely spot on color choices and option selection. The wheels in gunmetal looked fantastic whereas the same wheels on the silver car on the dealership floor looked somewhat blase. Congratulations.

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Beautiful. That interior is very rich, almost Aston like. Big props on the choices. I would really like to hear about the wear on the CF armadillo. I have been warned about a possible "yellowing" but it certainly looks phenomenal on your car.

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Very nice! Azure blue is fantastic and the extra carbon bits make it perfect.
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