Fitted for under 100 miles and parting car out. Below is description from manufacturer's website.

Reduce intake air temperatures and prevent heat soak for sustained performance from your McLaren through upgraded intercoolers from Renaissance Speed.
Fits all McLaren 570S / 570GT / 540C / 600LT vehicles
  • 100% Bolt-on, No modifications needed
  • 100% Made in the USA from 3003 aluminum alloy and pressure tested to withstand an extended 3 bar of boost
  • Integrated 1/8” NPT methanol injection ports to support high horsepower builds
  • All factory style ports and connections for OEM like fitment
  • 1 piece, TIG precision welded (versus factory bolted 3 piece unit) prevents failure points
  • Best in class, high strength bar & plate cores (versus factory tube & fin) for maximum efficiency
  • Less than 1 psi pressure drop
  • Dual pass design increases pressure reducing small air pockets which can cause hot spots