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750S, thoughts on the McLaren 720S replacement

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Hey Guys... with all this Covid stuff and supply/manufacturing delays etc... i have to imagine the LT may be slightly delayed which could push out the 720 replacement as we still need to see the LT spider...

I am definitely skipping the LT because the thought of a 720 replacement being hybrid is going to be mad performance numbers... cant wait for the new tech!

Anyway, i need to eventually extend my warranty on my 2018 (end of this year i think) so probably going to extend for 2 years depending on the release of the 720 replacement....

are we thinking the 720 replacement deliveries will be in 2023? I am thinking it could even be closer to end of 2023 which would have me keep the 720s for another 3 years...! thats a record for me

Thoughts on: 1- extending warranty and 2- the delivery year for 720 replacement?
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I woundnt touch an Aston right now with a 10 foot pole. Lots of issues with the Valkyrie. They can’t get the car right. And Valahalla isn’t hard to secure and with the financial issues that Aston is havign I’d be weary.
The Tesla roadster will be here before the Valkyrie is on the road....
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I have to say I find the hybrid option attractive. Short trips on electric rather than wearing the engine, torque fill, and a bump in power. What's not to like, assuming it's reliable?
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I‘m the same way. I love to daily my Tesla and have a Roadster on order and rather drive the 765 for the next 20 years and buy some other pure ICE cars before they disappear before I‘d consider a Mclaren hybrid.
At least you went into the Roadster with your eyes open. Twenty years sounds about right.
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Think about it this way. P1 is 903 HP. Would it be wise to have a super series have more go on paper than a P1 if the P1 replacement isn't out yet? No. So whatever the P1 replacement is on power, it'll probably be in the middle. If I had to take a stab they'll probably rate it for 850-900 and probably do it at the wheels, over 1k at the crank.
I think a lot will depend on the energy density of the batteries available when the time comes. It'll presumably be a version of the Artura ICE with more power, plus whatever they can get out of a relatively lightweight battery pack.
Is your Google broken? :mad:

Alright, alright, I will play along! Wet cylinder liner is a liner that's in direct contact with the coolant. This means it basically acts as the sole structure for the wall of the cylinder and needs to be pretty big and heavy - and that's made worse by the fact that the cylinder liner will be made from cast iron. Really, though, I think the main point is that Mclaren have been using cylinder liners to begin with - which I would call an obsolete technology now. Many rivals have long switched to cylinder wall coatings (like Nikasil) where there is no liner and the aluminium wall itself gets coated instead.

As for cooling, having no liner helps with that too, because aluminium conducts heat much better than steel. A potential problem is how to design large enough cooling channels without weakening the wall of the cylinder too much - because aluminium is also structurally much weaker than steel - but this has generally not been a problem for the production car levels of Nm/L. Once you push the boost high enough, steel liners might become preferable - and that's what you often see on 1000hp+ builds - but for 200-250Nm/L it's not needed. I am sure the Mclaren engine will be pushed much further in the future without major changes.
Aha! Very interesting. No way could I have got the extra snippets from Google! So if I understand what you're saying correctly, having a steel, cooled liner could potentially mean that the boost levels could be increased more than if it was an aluminium cylinder wall? This would make sense if they're going to use the same engine in the Super Artura.
Sorry to tell you that the ICE will not be dead. Zero emission fuels will be part of it but we need to overcome the idealization of an ICE combined with an electric motor (aka heavier car) will rule the world. Or the coal burning EV option. I believe a combination of these will be the future. Let the flames begin!
🔥1. You're assuming that battery technology will not improve. With marginally lighter batteries, hybrid becomes a bit of a no brainer. With significantly lighter batteries, full electric becomes very compelling.
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There a couple of threads about that car on the forum.
The rest of the world has never heard of it, everyone is actually quoting information they read here....... 😂
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I would be VERY surprised to see the shorter gearing of the 765lt in the 750 as I don‘t think it would be beneficiary to a more daily-usable experience.
I agree. My guess is the same power output but with 720 gearing.
The V10 is not exactly new tech and probably not street legal any more …
Same problem with the V8, which is why the replacement will be a V6.
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that’s weird statement. The artura is in the super series ….
It is? I thought they'd abandoned that nomenclature?
you joking? wont even respond to that. its a 570 replacement… lets be honest. they just dropped the “sport series” category… Artura is by no means a super series nor is it meant to be….
What's the difference? It's more powerful than most of the super series cars.
The key differentiating factors are the lack of active arrow lack of hydraulic suspension in the sport series. The Artura does not have either of those things
Indeed, but are they really all that important? Neither improved my enjoyment on track, and at road speeds they're almost irrelevant. The ride quality of the Artura over the bumps is fantastic, so why would it need trick suspension that adds to the running costs?
What I learned is you don't drive aggressively on track or street. I can drive my car in normal and track and tell a difference in street and track. One time on the highway I got an airbrake fault when it didn't deploy and let me tell you, I was well aware it didn't deploy. If you think that stuff doesn't matter, you don't push your car. Anyone with seat time in a sport and super series car will tell you the sport is inferior in handling and the ability to go from cushy to track roughness isn't there with the sport series.
How do you think the Artura's ride quality compares?
I skipped my opportunity to drive one a while back, but I'll get in one someday when available. The science doesn't change though, it won't compare to the dynamics of hydraulic. I'm sure it's closer to a 570 feel than a 600 feel, which in super series you can get GT and 600 feel in the same car.
Ok, get back to me after you've driven one. It's interesting, both on the road and on the track.
Invisiblewave is clearly quite smitten with and excited about the Artura. That’s cool, but the Artura drives so different from the 720/765 it’s crazy. You really can’t compare the two. Although you also thought your 570S was as quick as a 720S in a straight line so idk, maybe they’ll feel the same to you.
The 720 was quick, just disappointingly not as quick as you fanboys make out!🤣
Well the numbers are there … in it’s price range it’s the best 1/4 mile times stock and also the best track times … only besten by AMG GT BS, Senna, SF90 and 765LT so far … plus some Porsche times on super sticky tires … so it’s performance is without question there even against cars valued much more …
Yes, as I've said repeatedly, I'm not disputing the numbers, it just didn't feel that much faster.
Totally agree. I think Im just responding to the posts that said 720 doesnt feel much faster than 570. Well, its a bit faster, handles a bit better, is a bit better looking etc. All those bits add up to one of the greatest cars of all time.
Now that I agree with, except the handling is more of a difference than the speed, and the 570 looks better.
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Looks are subjective and I disagree. But it doesnt matter. If you are happy with the car, enjoy it. But dont try to justify the 570 being more than what it is. Its a relative bargain for those that dont want to get a 720 but its not a 720.
That's exactly what I'm saying, I don't know why people keep putting words in my mouth. Well, I do, it's pretty obvious, but anyway, the 720 is an objectively better car, but where this all started was whether it was worth the extra money. To me it isn't, and as you say looks are subjective, I prefer the way the 570 looks. There aren't many cars with the bang of the 570 for the buck, imo.
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