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750S, thoughts on the McLaren 720S replacement

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Hey Guys... with all this Covid stuff and supply/manufacturing delays etc... i have to imagine the LT may be slightly delayed which could push out the 720 replacement as we still need to see the LT spider...

I am definitely skipping the LT because the thought of a 720 replacement being hybrid is going to be mad performance numbers... cant wait for the new tech!

Anyway, i need to eventually extend my warranty on my 2018 (end of this year i think) so probably going to extend for 2 years depending on the release of the 720 replacement....

are we thinking the 720 replacement deliveries will be in 2023? I am thinking it could even be closer to end of 2023 which would have me keep the 720s for another 3 years...! thats a record for me

Thoughts on: 1- extending warranty and 2- the delivery year for 720 replacement?
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If the replacement for the 720s is going to go the same route as the 570s which is the Artura, I’ll be keeping the 720s. The last ICE age!
why 750? maybe it is going to be 810/820?
Probably because they don’t want it to be more powerful than the 765LT…
the 720 was more powerful than the 675LT? It is just going backwards if they make a 750s.
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If you're good at numbers you'll see 720 is bigger than 675, but the 765 is the one in question. The LT version of the platform is always the highest power. 675 is a P11, 720 is a P14.

Because 750 hp screams daily usability? Shorter gearing is WAY more usable daily. Dodge sells cars based on 0-60 times and ignore what happens at higher speed. C8's same thing. They care about initial acceleration, that's it. Shorter gearing achieves exactly that. Very few care about it going 214 instead of 207.
I agree but why make a watered down 765LT? They should at least increase the output to 810/820 if this would be their last ICE engine.
Dealers taking control of 765 and may were flipped and given to people who shouldn't have received one.
My dealer said it was Mclaren deciding who gets one for the 765.
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dealers submitted customers to mclaren USA . Mclaren USA approved the customers . The bar was low for approving the customer (as long as they weren’t on some banned list or submitted by another dealer ). Ultimately up to dealers who received 765 .
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looks of 750 hopefully similar to 765 with less HP?
I'm in line in the 750 but keeping my 720s as well. If I get the 750, that's better than getting any upcoming hybrids.
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yup! i sold my 720 because i got the 750 confirmation…
720 owners that have not driven or been in a 765 have no idea how much of an upgrade the transmission/15% shorter final drive really is. It is hands down the biggest and best thing a 765 has over a 720. If that transmission/final drive is put in the 750, game over.
why would they not put it in the 750?
coming from a potential 750 buyer, I have built the colorways and options in both the 765LT and 720S configurator. there is nothing left to be desired unless its a major facelift. makes me want to wait to see an actual rendition soon.
also, for those of you who have done MSO paints.. how does it work if you want to make your own color? I know we had a member here and iirc, (his 765 was white, and he wanted to add blue flake) he did so, and the price wasn't bad at all. I wish I could find him.
paint to sample?
The possibilities are endless. Just depends on what you want. For me not sure the value is there to create a whole new color as they have so many that can be modified but choice is up to individual.
no extra fee?
Why all the paint options? Are you guys building one already? Dealer configurator? Yea
if I choose a gulf racing colorway is that a whole car or I can just choose that color?
lets just say i am 99.99% certain…. some people have seen the car.
DM pls?
For the 2nd wing. It's NOT the same at the 765...BUT it is different than the 720.
wow, pics?
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it's hard to re-create perfection. the 765LT proved me wrong. hopefully this is not it?

It kind of makes me, as a 765 owner, annoyed.
The LT is there for a reason. It can be a 780S or 800S, it still is not a LT.
If the Artura is ART and FUTURE the 750s will be LASTICE?
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